We inspire music fans to respond to issues affecting women by raising awareness, taking action, and collectively working for social change. Our pre-show service projects, Alternative Break Tours, and concert outreach activities create a community of empowered and engaged music fans and musicians.
Pre-Show Service Projects

Musicians and their fans serve together with a local nonprofit organization to create community-level change before heading to the concert. We have organized over 150 projects and counting!

Grassroots Fundraising

Musicians and fans fundraise together online and at shows. We have granted hundreds of thousands of dollars to  community service providers and advocacy partners.

Alternative Break Tours

Service-minded music fans get a taste of tour life through these multi-day experiences. Participants travel on a tour bus/van completing service projects by day and catching their favorite band by night.


We focus on a new women's rights issue every few years. Additionally, we work with musicians to design campaigns on the social issue of their choice to take on tour.


Musicians and fans learn about women's rights issues through concert outreach, pre-show events, and stage/online messaging. They can take a variety of actions to create social change.

Annual Events

Calling All Crows supporters come together to celebrate music, service, activism, and community each December at our Annual Benefit Weekend. We also honor the recipient of our Lauzie Award.

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