Musician Chad Stokes and Tour Manager Sybil Gallagher founded Calling All Crows in 2008 to bring their commitment to hands-on service and activism on the road. Since then, they have continued to work with musicians, fans, and nonprofits to better the lives of women locally and globally.

Calling All Crows has invested over 30,000 hours of service and raised more than $600,000 to support community organizations across the globe.

What's in a Name?
Hear directly from our co-founders why they chose to name the organization Calling All Crows.
Video: Michael Smith
Meet Our Team

Sybil Gallagher

Board of Directors

Sybil is the co-founder and chair-woman of Calling All Crows, and a co-founder and designer at sirTANK Design.

Chadwick Stokes

Board of Directors

Chadwick is the co-founder of Calling All Crows, and a musician, known for his solo career and work with DISPATCH and State Radio.

Kelsey Cosby

Board of Directors

Kelsey is a Development Director at Camp Jabberwocky, a residential summer camp for people with disabilities.

Matt Willhelm

Board of Directors

Matt is a dreamer/planner/doer, partner and father (x2), non-profit & campaign consultant, landlord, retired rock'n roll roadie, national service advocate, and NH State Representative.

Brandon Moses

Board of Directors

Brandon works to scale-out Diversity partnerships at an Ed-Tech startup in the Bay. A long-time volunteer, and a huge advocate for music-based activism, he's recently (and eagerly) accepted a position on the Board, with the hope of impacting the movement for equality through learning, activism, and community.


Tiffany Adams

Volunteer & Program Manager

Tiffany has dedicated her life to the fight for equity and justice, and has extensive experience in volunteer management and antiracist training.


Lena Charity-Shapira

Communications & Program Manager

Lena has a background in communications, graphic design, and politics. They've focused their work on the intersection of art and activism.


Kim Warnick

Executive Director

Kim is experienced with program design, project management, and communications in corporate, start-up, and non-profit organizations. You can find her at a show or working towards equity and an end to sexual violence (or both!)

Wendy Fetterolf

Wendy Fetterolf

Development & Operations Manager

Wendy is an avid live music fan, passionate volunteer, and event planner.

New England Crow Captains
Elisa Jazan

Elisa Jazan

Nikki Jenner

Nikki Jenner

Katelyn Pina

Katelyn Pina


Samantha Wondoloski

Steve Coyle

Steve Coyle

Vivian Daly

Vivian Daly

Ellie Hyde

Ellie Hyde


Meg Hyde

Washington, D.C. Crow Captains

Kathleen Elliot


Arin Kernstein


Sidney Monday

Denver Crow Captains

Mustafa Qarghah


Ashley Rable


Devin Burke


Lou Curto


Tiffany Cassidy

Chicago Crow Captains

Michael Pool

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