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Native youth leaders united at Standing Rock in 2016, building a movement for the sustainability of our water, land, and food. Young people across the country are teaching us all how to show up for each other and fight against the issues that are killing us and tearing our communities apart.


This summer, DISPATCH followed the lead of youth-driven movements and inviting fans to take action through service projects, advocacy, and fundraising efforts aimed at strengthening communities across the country.


One of the most powerful ways we can build sustainable change is to support youth. One of the places most craving the creativity and energy of youth organizing is Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.


Over the years we’ve visited Pine Ridge many times, and we’ve been blown away by the movement-building of the youth organizers that live there. Now, we’re raising money to support the youth who are leading the way.


Youth engagement, organizing, and leadership build movements, and a key to creating systemic change and promoting social justice is by supporting Native youth. We’ve teamed up with Native Americans in Philanthropy to support Native youth organizing on Pine Ridge.

Donations to Native Americans in Philanthropy’s #GenIndigenous Response Fund will award grants to Native youth organizers and activists on Pine Ridge. Hundreds of years of systemic oppression and colonialist, racist federal policies have made Pine Ridge the most impoverished county in the U.S. — but Pine Ridge residents continue to demonstrate incredible resilience, and youth organizers there are committed to building communities that thrive.


Help Native American youth lead the way to a more equitable world for us all. 

Meet Some of Our Tour Partners

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