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Looking for added resources now that you've finished the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response training?
Now that you've completed the #HereForTheMusic Sexual Violence Prevention and Response online training, we have a variety of tools available to help you to continue sharpening your skills, partner with us, and to advocate for change at your company or within the industry.

We're being joined by artists, music festivals, venues, and other industry professionals in our pledge to make the music industry a safer space. View our pledge, as well as a list of who's signed on here. For more information on how to sign on and join our efforts to fight sexual violence at shows and festivals, contact Kim Warnick.


Are you an artist, venue, festival, company, or music industry professional?


Contact us for more on policy consultations, on-site activations, in-person workshops or speaking engagements, or to learn about becoming a sponsor.

You can also refer us, and our Sexual Violence Prevention and Response training, to those you know in the music industry


1. Sign up for a Zoom Training Debrief Session.

2. Download and use our free Policy Guides for venues and festivals.

3. Download and use our Manager Debrief Guide to facilitate conversations with your team after taking the training.


1. Volunteer with this campaign. Learn more and apply here.

2. Donate to support the Here for the Music campaign.

3. Join our mailing list.

4. Advocate for change at your company or in the industry.

5. Share the pledge on social media, and with artists, venues, festivals, and industry professionals you know.

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