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Calling All Crows
2021 Impact Report

In our 2021 Annual Report, you will find a summary of Calling All Crows’ activities and impact from the past year, while hearing directly from the community of musicians, impact leaders, music fans, funders, and industry partners who work with our staff and board to help realize our vision of a world where all people’s full humanity is realized, and local and global communities are equitable, just, and thriving. But first, we’ll give you a reminder of who we are and why we do what we do.

Mission and Strategy

Calling All Crows connects and mobilizes music fans to join feminist movements for justice and equality.


Creating meaningful, lasting, large-scale change requires culture-makers, legislators, businesses, families, organizers, and individuals to all contribute and work together. 


Musicians hold a unique power to inspire change, build community, and contribute to imagining a better world. As a musician-founded organization, we leverage our relationships in the music industry to partner with people who want to use their art and platform to fight for a world where women and girls can thrive.


There are incredible feminist organizers and leaders already working to build an equitable and just world, who need more support to realize their vision. We direct resources to these community organizations by working with musicians, venues, and festivals to educate and mobilize their audiences.


Our pre-show and virtual service projects, benefit concerts, and concert outreach activities create a community of empowered and engaged music fans and musicians working toward more equitable, just, and thriving local and global communities.



With the pandemic raging on throughout 2021, we continued to find creative and impactful ways to support feminist movements by raising awareness, taking action, and collectively working for social change. 

"Thanks so much for the kind and respectful ways that you talk about our [Oxfam's] work.  Our relationship with Calling All Crows continues to mean so much to us and we are grateful."

Bob Ferguson, Oxfam America


"I trust Calling All Crows to partner with community organizations who will help my fans learn and take effective action with me to help build a more just world. I applaud CAC for working towards making the music industry a safer and more inclusive space." 

Raye Zaragoza, Singer-Songwriter

Fight Like A Girl, Raye Zaragoza


Our Impact Partners

Our community partners work tirelessly to create a just and thriving world where all people’s full humanity is realized. Learn more about them here.

Our Artist Partners

The musicians we work with power our work to connect and mobilize music fans to join feminist movements for justice and equality.


Our Team

Our board and staff make all of this impact possible. Learn a bit more about who they are here.


Mobilizing music and faith communities to see the humanity of women that we’ve locked up, to recognize the role we as citizens play in this violence, and to help end mass criminalization in the US.

Unlocked Voices

"As storytellers and those with public platforms, it is critical that musicians and faith leaders articulate narratives that affirm second chances and new beginnings. They can shape policies and public will. We are grateful to be partnering with CAC in this important work.”

Rev. John Vaughn


We share stories like Donna's to change how viewers think about punishing people. Speakers are able to reclaim their story and power, while inspiring us to make our communities safer by ending mass criminalization rather than continuing to lock people away.



Building true safety for music fans and professionals by ending sexual violence in the music industry.

"It is difficult for many in the entertainment and service industry to relate to a typical workplace sexual harassment prevention training. Having access to a training that accurately reflects our environment is absolutely invaluable"

First Avenue, Independent Venue


"By working with Calling All Crows to update and publish our anti-harassment policy and protocol our staff, volunteers, and fans knew this was an issue we take seriously. Our staff knew exactly how to handle any potential issues— they were so grateful to have access to the Here For The Music anti-harassment training, which we made available to them for free. And as festival organizers, we felt relief that our folks had more confidence in how to deal with harassment in a trauma-informed way."

Mark Murphy (Wookiefoot) and Megan Huycke, Shangri-La Festival organizers




Total Revenue is $557,388

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