Calling All Crows
2022 Impact Report

In our 2022 Annual Report, you will find a summary of Calling All Crows’ activities and impact from the past year, while hearing directly from the community of musicians, impact leaders, music fans, funders, and industry partners who work with our staff and board to help realize our vision of a world where all people’s full humanity is realized, and local and global communities are equitable, just, and thriving. But first, we’ll give you a reminder of who we are and why we do what we do.

Mission and Strategy

Calling All Crows connects and mobilizes music fans to join feminist movements for justice and equality.


Creating meaningful, lasting, large-scale change requires culture-makers, legislators, businesses, families, organizers, and individuals to all contribute and work together. 


Musicians hold a unique power to inspire change, build community, and contribute to imagining a better world. As a musician-founded organization, we leverage our relationships in the music industry to partner with people who want to use their art and platform to fight for a world where women and girls can thrive.


There are incredible feminist organizers and leaders already working to build an equitable and just world, who need more support to realize their vision. We direct resources to these community organizations by working with musicians, venues, and festivals to educate and mobilize their audiences.


Our pre-show and virtual service projects, benefit concerts, and concert outreach activities create a community of empowered and engaged music fans and musicians working toward more equitable, just, and thriving local and global communities.



We are proud of our work to build creative and impactful ways for musicians and fans to support feminist movements during this year of political unrest, humanitarian crises, a continued major pandemic, and ongoing economic challenges. Our collective work for social change that centers learning, actions, and community-building alongside feminist movement leaders is as urgent and important as ever.

x musicians mobilized x music fans to serve x hours and grant $x to x community partners.


Our Impact Partners

Our community partners work tirelessly to create a just and thriving world where all people’s full humanity is realized. Learn more about them here.

Our Artist Partners

The musicians we work with power our work to connect and mobilize music fans to join feminist movements for justice and equality.


Our Team

Our board and staff make all of this impact possible. Learn a bit more about who they are here.


Calling All Crows and the Multifaith Initiative to End Mass Incarceration are building empathy for currently and formerly incarcerated people; increasing people's desire to meet mistakes with compassion across economic and racial lines; and mobilizing music fans and faith communities to demand concrete policy change.

In 2022, we also worked with ASO Communications to develop and test messages to bolster the work our groups already do so well - bring new people into movements by helping them learn, grow, act, and connect with each other. You might have seen some of this messaging already - at our booth in Bonnaroo, on the Dispatch-OAR summer tour, at our Boston Music & Lecture Series, or on our socials (especially our virtual service projects!)


"As storytellers and those with public platforms, it is critical that musicians and faith leaders articulate narratives that affirm second chances and new beginnings. They can shape policies and public will. We are grateful to be partnering with CAC in this important work.”

Rev. John Vaughn

4 musicians used their platforms to share the stories of 5 people impacted by criminalization with  849 music fans, who took x actions in support of ending mass incarceration .



Since we launched our #HereForTheMusic campaign in 2017, we have seen the industry begin to respond to our calls for deeper care for the people who create and enjoy live music, through policy changes, staff training, accountability, and more. 2022 brought incredible opportunity for us to expand this work and its impact, including touring with Clairo to provide education and trauma-informed support to her fans at all North America shows and working with local groups in the EU/UK to provide similar support and education; presenting at SXSW; providing educational materials and an opportunity to voice support for this campaign to The 1975 and La Dispute fans on their North America runs; training the Here and There Fest crew and the Dispatch-OAR summer tour bands and crew; and leading a huge anti-harassment policy and training program this fall for independent venues and festivals in partnership with the National Independent Venue Association and Foundation!

“Over the years, we’ve been amazed seeing Calling All Crows make the music industry safer, more accessible, and more inclusive. With their help, we’re able to provide artists and venues with essential and comprehensive training and information on venue safety.”

Geoff Morrissey, The Ally Coalition

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Total Revenue is $557,388