The Lauzie Award, named in honor of Laura Gallagher - mother of Calling All Crows' co-founder Sybil Gallagher - honors an individual who embodies a true spirit of service and inspires others to do the same. Each year, we look to honor someone who shared Laura's spirit: a spirit of giving, a spirit of lifting others up to their potential, and a spirit of loving friends, family, and all whom she encountered.

One doesn't need to look far to understand the impact that Laura Gallagher, Sybil’s mom, had in this world. The vibrance with which she lived her life was remarkable.  She had the loudest laugh, the biggest heart and the foulest mouth of anyone I'd ever met.  But of all that she gave to us, what I learned most was that in her life time she lived for others.  She celebrated her family, their friends, their friends' friends, and everyone she worked with with such fervor and genuine excitement that it is not hard to figure out why she became a mom to so many others besides her children.  She had an insatiable capacity to love-the biggest kind of love you can imagine.  You can see it in her kids and those that they've inspired, as if it rubs off like pixie dust.  She was the first person to call if you were in trouble -- never judging, she just listened and then doled out the just right advice.

Rev. Raphael Warnock, U.S. Senator
Rev. Warnock's work with the Multifaith Initiative to End Mass Incarceration inspired our Unlocked Voices campaign.
Amanda Nguyen, Founder & CEO, Rise
Amanda is the CEO and founder of Rise. She penned her own civil rights into existence and unanimously passed the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights, after having to navigate the broken criminal justice system after her own rape.
Senator Warren
A fearless consumer advocate who has made her life's work the fight for middle class families.
Saskia Epstein, Power Launch
Founder of Power Launch, a philanthropy innovation lab that invests in compelling ideas, exceptional leaders and high-impact nonprofits.
Nadia Alawa, NuDay Syria
The Founder and President of humanitarian relief organization, NuDay Syria, we recognize her for her efforts to build bridges, save lives and inspire hope.
Judy and Dennis Shepard
Founders of the The Matthew Shepard Foundation, whose mission is to erase hate by replacing it with understanding, compassion and acceptance.
Swanee Hunt, Hunt Alternatives
Her work related to combating the demand for illegal purchased sex (including trafficking) and promoting the full inclusion of women leaders in international security processes spans more than sixty countries.
Martina Davis-Correia
Death penalty abolition activist and incredible advocate. Martina passed away in 2011.
Cynthia Gabriel, Amnesty Internation
Sr. Director Organizing & Activism at AIUSA, Gabriel has worked to train, equip, and inspire the grassroots to stand up in the defense of human rights. Her belief in the power of young people is evident by both the time and energy she puts into building Amnesty International’s student groups across New England.
Charlie Rose
Senior Vice President & Dean of City Year, Charlie Rose has been a youth worker, organizer and entrepreneur in Boston for nearly 30 years.
Laura Sohn
Laura is a former Bonnaroo Sustainability Director and a community organizer from Kentucky. The projects nearest to her heart are those that build a sustainable and healthy community, whether among fans or staff. She was a key leader in bringing a sexual violence prevention and response program to Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in partnership with Calling All Crows.
Karrie Keyes
Karrie is from LA and has spent the last 26+ years as the monitor engineer for Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder. She is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of SoundGirls, an organization that works to create a supportive community for women in audio and music production, providing the tools, knowledge, and support to further their careers. They partnered with Spotify in 2019 to launch their EQL Directory, a tool for hiring managers who are looking to “hire more women but can't find any".
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