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The Lauzie Award, named in honor of Laura Gallagher - mother of Calling All Crows' co-founder Sybil Gallagher - honors an individual who embodies a true spirit of service and inspires others to do the same. Each year, we look to honor someone who shared Laura's spirit: a spirit of giving, a spirit of lifting others up to their potential, and a spirit of loving friends, family, and all whom she encountered. One doesn't need to look far to understand the impact that Laura Gallagher, Sybil’s mom, had in this world. The vibrance with which she lived her life was remarkable.  She had the loudest laugh, the biggest heart and the foulest mouth of anyone I'd ever met.  But of all that she gave to us, what I learned most was that in her life time she lived for others.  She celebrated her family, their friends, their friends' friends, and everyone she worked with with such fervor and genuine excitement that it is not hard to figure out why she became a mom to so many others besides her children.  She had an insatiable capacity to love-the biggest kind of love you can imagine.  You can see it in her kids and those that they've inspired, as if it rubs off like pixie dust.  She was the first person to call if you were in trouble -- never judging, she just listened and then doled out the just right advice.


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