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How We Create Change

Calling All Crows works with musicians, festivals, and venues to support feminist movements. These music partners are experts at gathering people together in person over art and local community - we tap into these event-based gatherings to reach people at a moment when they are particularly open to learning, meeting new people, giving to their community, and sharing new experiences.

We build impactful programming that educates people about urgent social issues, provides opportunities to serve with and donate to effective and trusted community organizations, and builds momentum for advocacy efforts that need extra support.


Participants walk away from these events with more community connections to each other and community leaders (community sustains movements!), knowledge on a social issue, and pride in doing good for their community that can translate to more consistent service, advocacy, and giving behaviors.


We build 1-3 year campaigns in partnership with issue experts and community organizations to focus our efforts on urgent issues that disproportionately impact women and girls. 

Image by Jodie Walton
Reggae Singers


Musicians and fans learn about social issues and their impact on women through concert outreach, pre-show events, and stage/online messaging. They can take a variety of actions to create social change.


Pre-Show Service & Advocacy Events

Musicians and their fans gather to create community-level change before heading to the concert. We have organized over 185 projects and counting! These events provide short-term support to a community organization or additional voices and pressure to support pressing advocacy campaigns. More importantly, they help music fans build the skills, community, and confidence to continue advocacy and introduce them to a community organization in their local community that they can stay connected to beyond the event.

CAC Salons: CAC Salons are intimate events that gather music fans to learn about social issues through a feminist lens, enjoy live music, and become inspired to get involved in their community. These events provide a chance to support artists, feminist leaders, and community organizations and build community with new and returning music fans.

Festival & Concert Activations: Concerts and festivals gather thousands of music fans into one place. Drawing on our connection to an artist the fans care about and utilizing space otherwise reserved for vendors and advertising, we are able to engage these fans in conversation about critical issues at a time where they are more open to connection and have nowhere else urgent to be.

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Grassroots Fundraising

Musicians and fans fundraise together online and at shows. We have granted hundreds of thousands of dollars to  community service providers and advocacy partners.

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