It's looking to be a busy Fall at Calling All Crows! Check out our calendar below for some of our upcoming virtual events, and scroll down for more information on our Antiracist Learning Group, Political Education Workshop, Virtual Service Projects, fitness challenge, and more!

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Filmed at On The Levee, this concert comes to you live from Dallas, TX, featuring Grammy Award-winning artist SaulPaul, along with Poppy Xander (of The Polyphonic Spree), Chadney Christle, ShySpeaks, Robert Ellis, and Skinny Cooks!

This event is free, with a suggested donation of $25. Text UVTX to 44-321 or visit bit.ly/uvtx to donate. Proceeds from this event will benefit the Dallas Leadership Foundation and The Way Back.

Dallas Leadership Foundation mentors incarcerated folks, working in partnership with local churches and orgs that serve the prison populations. 

The Way Back has been serving returning citizens and veterans in North Texas for 47 years by providing a myriad of reentry services to support successful transition back into society. By providing a one-stop center for clients to access reentry services, The Way Back creates pathways to economic mobility that empowers individuals to become stable, restores families, and creates safer communities.

Tune in to this benefit concert at 7:30 PM ET on our Facebook page.



Tune in to our Facebook page for another Unlocked Voices Virtual Benefit Concert! Hosted by Kendall Taylor and Dr. Madeline McClenney, this show will air from The Creek Church in Charlotte, NC. Featuring music from local acts Luther Allison and Patrice Edwards, with more to be announced, proceeds will go to The Exodus Foundation.

The Exodus Foundation is a North Carolina-based organization working to end mass incarceration through the one-on-one therapeutic friendships and support groups of the Red Sea Crossings Mentoring program.

Their vision is to help create a more sane, humane, and safe world where color and class discrimination cease to contaminate justice and its resources, and punishment as the answer to criminal activity is replaced by atonement, reconciliation, restorative justice, and secured mental health treatment.

Donate here or by texting UVNC to 44-321.

Watch this benefit concert at 7:30 PM ET on our Facebook page.



With so much happening in the world right now, it's important to understand the basics of the fight for racial justice. Aimed at those new to this journey, our Antiracist Learning Group will help you grasp the basics to start your political education journey.

We’ll examine healthcare, education, and other issues to deepen our understanding of racial justice and how systemic racism impacts BIPOC, with an emphasis on Black folks. The end goal of this workshop is to have a fuller grasp on how to dismantle systems of white supremacy within yourself and within other structures.

Each session will cover a different topic:

  • October 7: Getting to the Basics of White Supremacy Culture

  • November 4: Understanding Systemic Racism

  • December 2: Ally or Accomplice?

Learn more about the learning group here.



Over the last few years, we've seen an uptick in social unrest across the country, leading to countless protests and instances of nonviolent direct action. Our political education series aims to give participants a deeper understanding of the theory and tactics behind community organizing, looking at major historical moments (like the Civil Rights Movement and BLM) and analyzing the work that went into them.

Sessions will occur on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, from 6 - 7:30 PM ET.

  • October 21: Building Collective Power & Mobilizing for Change

  • November 18: Nonviolent Direct Action: The Good Kind of Trouble

  • December 15: Art in Action

Learn more about the workshops here.


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