Mass criminalization is one of the largest and most pressing issues in the United States:

1 in 2 adults in the US has had a family member in jail or prison (, disproportionately affecting Black and Hispanic communities. Mass incarceration is a serious obstacle to the financial health and economic agency of incarceration-impacted women (Essie Justice Group).


Calling All Crows, a gender justice organization within the music industry, is partnering with the multi-faith based initiative Ending Mass Incarceration on the Unlocked Voices campaign to mobilize music and faith communities to rally against criminalization and its impacts on women and voting access.

The mass incarceration crisis in the US is made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic:

Coronavirus is already spreading through jails and prisons, which is unsurprising given the high concentrations of people and a lack of space, healthcare, and hygiene products. There is a movement to release people from jail and prison to slow the virus and to remove barriers to phone/video calls (as visits are banned). The music and faith communities can support and amplify the work of organizers around the country to support safe and compassionate emergency release and care of incarcerated folks during this crisis.

With your help, we will:
  • acquire and distribute hygiene supplies and PPE to people in jails, prisons, and currently being released in NY, GA, CA, MA, NC, and TN;

  • support a housing re-entry pilot program in North Carolina, to hopefully scale nationally; and

  • advocate for decarceration and safe and compassionate care in prisons/jails.

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