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Volunteer with us!

Thanks for your interest in volunteering with Calling All Crows and our Here For The Music Campaign! You can find applications for our upcoming shows and festivals below. Check back often - we're always adding more awesome opportunities for concert outreach.

Volunteers help set up a table with provided materials at the venue and talk to attendees throughout the night from behind and beyond the table. Our top volunteers are excited to strike up conversations with their fellow music fans about how we can all make shows, festivals, and our broader communities safer, plus recruit enthusiastic fans to get involved more deeply in the campaign. We will also accept donations to support this programming.

Interested in volunteering remotely? Help us out behind the scenes with your writing, graphic design, fundraising, data entry, marketing, or other skills. Time commitment varies by project, but you should expect to spend 1-4 hours/project. You can sign up for as many projects as you can / are available. Apply here!

Currently, we are also looking for volunteers in New England, Denver, Chicago and Washington DC who are interested in leadership positions we call Crow Captains.  Click on the application below for more details and to apply!  Deadline for application is 2/3/20 for New England and Denver, 2/17/20 for all other markets.

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