Calling All Crows partners with musicians and fans to create change through hands-on service and activism. Since 2009, our volunteers have logged over 30,000 hours of service.  We have donated over $550,000 to support organizations in communities across North America and Europe.

Results: 2018 to date

  • Partnered with 75+ artists, venues and festivals

  • Trained 2000+ music fans and professionals in how to safely and effectively intervene to prevent violence 

  • Created industry change in approach to sexual violence prevention

Results: 2020 to date

  • Created foundational partnerships to support campaign goals

  • Provided COVID-19 relief to incarcerated people through decarceration advocacy

  • Educated the Calling All Crows community of music fans on the impact of mass incarceration and criminalization in the US and its' connection to racism


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