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Black and Pink MA: Virtual Service Project

Thanks for being a part of our 2021 Annual Benefit shows! We are so excited to have you join us via livestream this year. Below you can find specific information about the Service Project component of the night so that you'll be ready to follow along with the show and take part from home!

We will be partnering with Black and Pink to do a variety of actions to accommodate everyone.

If you are a MA resident or have lived in MA in the past, we welcome you to send an email to the Public Health & Safety For LGBTQAI+ Committee in support of the Rights Act that seeks to promote rehabilitation, treatment, and safety for LGBTQIA+ incarcerated people.


If you are not a Massachusetts resident, we invite you to write holiday letters to LGBTQIA+ incarcerated people to build connections and safety. 

During the Service Project part of the Livestream, we will: 

1. Learning about Black and Pink and the work they are currently doing in MA. 

2. Take action to ensure safer treatment and environment for LGBTQIA+ incarcerated people and/or write holiday letters to LGBTQIA+ incarcerated people to build connections and safety

3. Sign up to support Black and Pink's mission long term


We'll explain all of this during the show and you'll have time to complete the actions then!

FOR NON-MA RESIDENTS (or anyone who wants to write a holiday card,) you will need:


Thank you for your support through purchasing a livestream ticket and taking action with Black & Pink. If you would like to further support our work, please head over to our merch store where there are a very limited number of show posters, along with CAC winter beanies, sweatshirts, and more! 

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